Team Lobb
March 2, 2022

The Government is backing logistics, are you?

India is going through a digital revolution and the numbers are in favour of a sea change in the way we will do business. The number of Jio subscribers has increased to 280 million. The number of digital villages in the country is soaring and the government has plans to digitize 100,000 villages. Currently, the government has over 700 villages that have been digitized. Around 100,000 gram panchayats have optic fibre network. The government will lay optic fibre in over 250,000 villages soon. Thanks to Make in India there are more than 258 new age manufacturing companies that have emerged over the last five years. Then the government rolled out the GST (Goods and Services Tax) and truckers had more time on the road without stoppages and harassment at State Government check posts. Now the icing on the cake was the UPI, which ensured that Indians gets used to cashless payments.

Indian Digital Revolution

Combine all of the above and the only industry that you cannot avoid is logistics. Trucking is the lifeline of any growing economy and the digitization of this industry means only one, more investment coming in to this industry.

We at Lobb at every stage of digitisation, out truckers, are using smartphones, they drive through digital villages, they are beneficiaries of a robust network and are consuming so much more data. They are on the road most times and forty per cent of our ten thousand odd truckers use cashless payments. Lobb is providing cards for your fleet, toll and en-route expenses.

Now drawing from these experiences we at Lobb believe that Indian companies need to understand the power of real-time logistics. If anything Amazon has shown us the way in using logistics as its strength. The strength is in technology and transparency, moving goods to consumers with the knowledge of tracking goods from store to warehouse to distribution centre to the last mile has consumerized logistics. This is a highly competitive world and every rupee saved counts. For that, you need visibility of your network that can take your goods across the country. Lobb can ensure that you have truckers available at any given point of time and it allows you to track the trucker to the endpoint and we also ensure that the trucker gets additional business on his return trip from the destination.

LOBB will provide great visibility to demand and supply considering various nuances of the trade. At LOBB we believe that the industry has to move from reactive mode to a strategic mode.

Considering the high pressure and demand in the industry we also believe that augmented Intelligence plays a vital role in strategic mode. With deep data intelligence LOBB is able to provide greater visibility to trucks across various markets. Most of the companies are stuck to day-day operations and they are unable to come to a strategic mode because they believe the industry will remain fragmented. But, that won’t be so anymore. Today the trucker is unable to prepare his route plan for 2 or 3 weeks. Everything is reactive today. But with the digital revolution in planning logistics will be proactive and strategic planning could increase the number of trips from a single trip a month to multiple trips a month. Thus increasing the truckers top line revenue by 10-20 per cent. Currently, truckers don’t think beyond his current or next trip. This can change when you as a brand or transporter adapt real-time technology faster and by doing so the whole ecosystem benefits. There is a chain of wealth being shared and there are additional jobs created. If the government can become strategic in its approach, then what is stopping you? Let’s get strategic and stop being reactive.

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