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Team Lobb
March 2, 2022

Navigating through highways, thin lanes, rough roads, lonely cold evening, with no security is not easy. The truckers pass through familiar/unfamiliar streets carrying the expensive freight with a lot of uncertainty.  



At the loading point, the truckers receive cash, not only for their expenses, i.e., food and en route expenses but also for the diesel and toll payments.

On the other hand, the logistics companies find it challenging to ensure that the full amount is remitted as payment once the truck is loaded. The banks are open between 9 AM to 6 PM. If loading is done by 6 PM, the driver has to wait till next day morning 10 AM to receive money from the transporter and the driver has to wait instead of making use of the time to travel and complete the transaction faster.

Cash payments are a traditional and convenient way of transactions. Cash can be used everywhere — especially in toll booth for diesel, or personal expenses. But what happens if the money is lost?

If the cash is lost, the impact is extreme on the trucker.

Not only will further travel be stopped or delayed, which is a massive blow of 25% loss in for the operations of the businesses. The lost money is the hard-earned returns of the trucker and the trucker’s family.


With the advancement of technology, today, many options help ease the trouble. With the digital transformation in India, the entire ecosystem has leveraged the digital currency in the form of wallets and in the newer way of transacting using UPI.  

Google Pay, WhatsApp, PhonePe and Paytm are popular are extremely popular for instant transactions. Cashless cards like Fleet cards and Fast tags are helping truckers to fill diesel and pay tolls electronically instead of cash payments.

With an emphasis on overall security in the “Digital India” movement, the cashless options are incredibly safe and guarded. The lump sum amount goes directly to the bank account. Hence, there is less chance of losing any money or carrying cash in hand.

We at Lobb help make this possible securely and seamlessly. Once the loading completes, the money is transferred online immediately. With a single click of a button, the money gets credited directly to the account at any time. Hence we ensure that efficiency is increased by saving 30% of the truckers time and hence direct benefits to the Truckers Bottom Line.

Automation also makes the cash flow between different accounts less stressful and less time-consuming.  Transfer of the money trickles down first, from the logistics company to the owner and then to the driver, traditionally, each of the transactions would require physically going to the bank, and crediting money and then debiting it. The full operation could take anywhere between two to three days. With the new digital methods, however, this hardly takes a few minutes.

Since the money credited is in the bank account, the trucker can withdraw it from any ATM all across India and utilize it as per his needs. He can further transfer the funds to his family.

The stressful on-road journey, on rocky terrains, becomes more manageable and pleasant for the trucker this way.

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